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Six Criteria

  1. The project has to make sense.
    At Pierian, we work with you, uncover the real problems, and build solutions tailored to work for you.
  2. Look for personal commitment and experience.
    You get the same team from start to finish.  Pierian is made up of seasoned professionals, not freshly minted MBAs.
  3. Measure the results.
    At Pierian, we set project goals and track performance starting in the very first weeks.
  4. Look for a proven track record of success.
    We are delighted to give you references—talk to our clients and hear what we have done for them.
  5. Look for a generalist.
    We are generalists who can see your business in a new light—and can therefore find new solutions.
  6. Simple, straightforward billing.
    We are flexible—we have hourly, daily, weekly rates.  We give you detailed invoices.