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These are all symptoms of bad business practices.  Check all that sound familiar:

Inventory keeps going up, and no one knows what’s in there anyway.
The company is still experiencing stock outs.
The plant runs at full capacity, no matter what.
The IT department and budget are growing, but you can’t get basic reports.
Bootleg systems are rampant.
Electronic processes are more complicated than the paper ones.
Layoffs and cost cutting have disrupted business and hurt morale.
People spend more time tracking costs than doing real work.
It takes all sorts of procedures, forms, approvals, to get anything done.
Too many vendors; it's gotten impossible to manage.
Vendor delivery and product quality are going down.
Vendor systems are not compatible.
Customer returns and complaints are up.
Competition is chipping away at your market share.
Price cutting seems like the only way to compete.
Your company is not developing many new products.
New product introductions haven’t been very successful.
Haven’t entered any new markets in recent years.

Tally up your checkmarks!

15–18 OUCH! You’re in a world of troubles—How are you going to start to get out of this mess?
11–14 Shaky You are one step away from disaster—How are you going to turn it around?
8–11 So-So You’re at the tipping point—Will you change and thrive or stay the same and start the decline?
4–7 Good You’re in pretty good shape now—Can you afford to continue doing things the same way?
0–3 Excellent You’re ahead of the pack—Will you be able to stay there?

You are not alone.  All companies develop bad habits over time.  Complicated business processes sap your company of valuable resources: time, effort and money.  Worse, you are becoming less competitive by squandering those valuable resources.

All this complexity is costing you money in:

Wasted time $$$
Rejects, late orders, and rework $$$$
Customers’ and vendors’ frustration $$$$$

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