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At Pierian, we have listened to our clients and have developed a better consulting solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Traditional Approach The Pierian Approach
Big Projects – Many consultants Tailored projects, one or two consultants
Contract consultants do the work We do the work – no contractors
Lots of reports – no real results Tools, skills and measured results
Many consultants = Big fees Smaller fees, reasonable schedule

We feel the “Big Project” approach just doesn’t work for smaller companies.  This approach produces reports not results.  And, it costs a lot of money and can be downright disruptive to your business.

We understand small business – Pierian is a small company too!  We are sensitive to the client’s time and budget limitations.  Our primary goal is to really understand the client and develop a long-term relationship that makes sense.

We have learned that smaller companies need time to absorb new information, learn new skills, use new tools, and change.  Companies often don’t have time to learn during a traditional “big project.”

Schedule and Billing

We typically work one or two days a week as needed.
We can bill by the day or the hour.
We are flexible – we can offer a consulting and payment schedule that works for you.


We don’t use contract consultants – we do all the work.


You will see real, in the bank, measurable results.  We meet with you regularly; we track your progress and insure that you get the results.  Do visit Selecting a Consultant to learn about the six criteria for selecting the right consultant.

We look forward to working with you!!